is Stillwater's Oklahoma HERO Homeschool Group, Home Educators Resource Organization. 

Stillwater Homeschooling is a group of parents who have decided to teach their children at home. Nobody teaches the same way. Nobody parents the same way. That's OK, the common ground, and what this group is all about, is supporting each other through the sometimes trying times of homeschooling.

Whether you want information, a place to feel "safe" in a sometimes judging world, your children to meet other homeschooled children, or maybe just some much needed adult conversation - the Stillwater Homeschooling Group can provide it.

Meetings currently take place on Fridays at Couch Park off of East 12th Street. In the event of bad weather, meetings are held at University Heights Baptist Church youth building (on West Street between 4th and 5th). Please be sure to e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 405.614.0130 so you can be definite where meetings will be held that week.

Right now meetings consist of moms and dads that meet for some adult conversation while the children play. Sometimes they talk about homeschooling, sometimes they don't; they welcome any and all questions or respectful comments you may have on the subject.

Stillwater Homeschooling Group holds two potlucks a year, monthly field trips, land run re-enactment, group dance, Mom's Night Out (each month), weekly play group at the park, a yearbook, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and more.

Some additional information on Stillwater homeschooling:

Oklahoma is one of the most lenient states concerning rules for homeschooling. And there are several activities homeschooled children have the opportunity to become involved in: 4H, band, plays, dance classes, art classes, girl scouts, writing classes, gym class, etc.  

Many of the classes offered to homeschoolers are free or very low cost.  There are several other activities not geared specifically toward homeschoolers that are reasonably priced as well.  And depending on who offers the classes/activities, they may be discounted to homeschoolers.  

Several businesses offer discounts to home educators; some may require a homeschool group card to "prove" you are a home educator.  To receive a HERO card, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, marked homeschooler card to HERO of Oklahoma, 12725 Breckenridge Rd, Enid, OK 73701. Staples and Hastings both offer educator discounts. 

Elementary aged sports are provided by the Parks and Recreation Department of Stillwater and the Stillwater YMCA.  The programs are separate but each offers the same sports. Parks and Recreations compete against YMCA teams.  So, it's easy to join sports teams as a homeschooler.  There is also a special homeschool basketball team.

In addition to the Stillwater Homeschooling group, there is a group here called SCHEF, Stillwater Christian Home Educators Fellowship. They provide a newsletter that lists all kinds of stuff to do throughout the year. 

Please visit or call 405.614.0130 for additional information.
Please visit for additional information on HERO of Oklahoma, Home Educators Resource Organization, the inclusive statewide resource organization for homeschooling in OK.